Family Share: Bug Edition! 2nd Grade STEM Class

This afternoon, MTS second graders were treated to a very special family share from Genie, her mom Thembi, and her aunt Ayaan. Ayaan is a librarian at the Merced Branch of the SF Public Library,and she runs the insect lab there. Insects and bugs are a passion of Ayaan's, and she shared her passion with our enthusiastic scientists. The students loved sharing their insect knowledge with Ayaan and made lots of great connections to the work they have been doing with Julia in their STEM class studying mealworms and beetles. 

The students had the opportunity to see an Alien Sun Beetle larva, pupa, and adult beetle, as well as a Hercules Beetle. They also saw assorted isopods, a Texas Gold Millipede, and a Florida Ivory Millipede. Genie talked about her experience raising and caring for Swallowtail Caterpillars, and the students got to see those caterpillars up close as well.

A huge thank you to Genie, Thembi, and Ayaan for providing this amazing experience!


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