Middle School Students Put on a Fabulous Spring Concert!

Our middle school students put on a fabulous spring concert last night! It was one of the first in person stage performances with a full audience that we've had in over 2 years. We had an amazing turnout, and the energy and excitement was palpable. It was also truly heartwarming to SEE the smiles and facial expressions of our performers!

Students spent the entire second trimester preparing their work for the event during their performing and visual arts enrichment classes. The concert included scene studies, dance ensembles, music ensembles (drums, guitar, string, and cabaret), and slideshows with work by the digital photography class, the visual arts class, and a woodworking exhibition.

Congratulations to our students for their hard work and talent, and a big shout out to the performing arts department and the MTS community that helped support their efforts. 

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