Cultural Immersion Day - Russia

In February, we celebrated MTS Cultural Immersion Day 2020. Teachers Rob Potter, Lindsay Berkovitch, Barbara Guarriello, Maria Pevzner, and parent volunteers organized a day of workshops, slideshow presentations, performances, and food for the students. It was an amazing day!

During the afternoon program, middle school students rotated through 5 workshops/presentations outlined below. 

1) Russian Tea & Treats
Russian Tea has been a tradition since the 17th Century. The Russians use a Samovar (urn) to make the tea, and they may serve it with any meal at any time of day. Students sampled tea along with some Russian tea cakes. 

2) Fabergé Eggs
The students worked together to paint their own Fabergé eggs in typical Russian designs. 

3) Build - a - Blini
Students learned about this delicious crepe tradition, and it’s rich history. 

4) Musical Instruments
Nikolai Massenkoff, musician and bass-baritone singer (who performed during the Olympics!) demonstrated the Bayan. 

5) Traditional Dance
Dancers from the “Celebrations of Russia” performance led students through traditional Russian dance steps. 

Finale - Entire 6th-8th Grades
Students in the middle school got together for one final dance!

What a fabulous day! Many thanks to everyone who helped put the day together including generous support from parent volunteers, faculty, and staff. 

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