Celebrating Ruby Bridges With All School Walk

Each month the entire MTS school community participates in a "Connect" session. During this time, groups discuss DEIJ topics and issues that are impacting our respective communities, country, and the world. Today, we acknowledged and celebrated the contributions that Ruby Bridges has made in our country. At the age of six, Ruby Bridges advanced the cause of civil rights on November 14th, 1960, when she became the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South.

This year, we decided to celebrate this extraordinary woman by having a MTS Ruby Bridges Walk. Students walked to various locations around the school and neighborhood. After walking, our younger students got together to read and discuss various Ruby Bridges books, and our older students got together for discussion to compare and contrast their experiences with the experience of six-year-old Ruby. 

Ruby Bridges was six-years-old when she courageously changed the world. Together, we will continue on our journey in making this world a better place for all.




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