Learning About Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas

December is always a special time in the school year as we recognize and learn about many important holidays. From Hanukkah, to Kwanzaa, to Christmas, there is much to be celebrated! During all school gathers, as well as in the classroom, our students are hearing about the stories and traditions behind these meaningful holiday celebrations. Our goal in teaching about the holidays is to celebrate the different traditions and special events that students and families hold dear and to continue to deepen our community by building connections and understanding. Below are some examples of what we've been doing this month. 


In a recent All School Gather, the school community came together to celebrate Hanukkah. The entire 5th grade class read "The Story of Hanukkah" and then explained the rules of the game dreidel. During morning recess students enjoyed latkes and apple sauce and later took home a treat bag containing Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins) and a dreidel. Families were provided instructions on how to play dreisel at home to continue the celebrations. Thank you to our 5th grade students/teachers and our parent volunteers for making this celebration happen!


2nd graders have continued their learning during homeroom time by lighting a candle on their class menorah at the end of each day and by sharing about other special foods and songs associated with the Hanukkah festival. 


We were honored to have one of our kindergartener's grandmother, Rahima, and her mother, Thembi, visit the kindergarten class to talk about Kwanzaa. Students learned about the history and seven principles behind the celebration and listened to a story about unity.


Our holiday celebrations continued later in December with MTS parents Stephen, Heather, and David sharing the Christmas story with us. All three parents are ministers, and they had a blast connecting with our students. The children learned that Christmas is not just about getting presents and especially had fun participating in the nativity scene. In the classroom, 2nd graders recognized Christmas by opening up "windows" in their advent calendars. 



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