"Caught Masked Up" Student Community Board Project

The MTS Student Community Board (SCB) under the guidance of teacher Isaac Jacob-Gomes has been busy this past week handing out tokens to students in recognition of those who are wearing their masks correctly and helping keep all of us safe at school. As they put it, "Wearing a mask sometimes feels annoying, but the SCB wants everyone to remember that we're doing a kind, thoughtful, and welcoming thing every time we mask up."

The SCB members came up with the idea for the "Caught Masked Up!" tokens and see it as a way to celebrate and acknowledge our students' expert mask wearing. Their goal is to help bring a little fun to this tiring pandemic routine and to show appreciation for the efforts we're all making to keep each other safe. 

The tokens were laser cut masterpieces designed by the SCB and fabricated by student Keo and MTS alumni Kailan's own ClassGlass.co. 

We are excited to have our 12-member Student Community Board actively pursuing these types of fun and innovative community projects. Next week they plan to organize a free dress day for the school in congratulations to everyone for wearing their masks. 

Great job, SCB! 

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