"Better Together" All School Gather 2022-23

We started the 2022-2023 school year with an all school Gather on the blacktop. Head of School, Andrew Davis, kicked off the Gather by introducing this year's theme Better Together. Riding into the scene on a bike and assisted by Austen, a fifth grader, Andrew explained how cyclists are better together. He spoke about the power of collaboration in the classroom, on the stage, and on a team.

A second highlight of the Gather was the welcoming of new students and Professional Community members. Each new adult on campus was introduced with a fun-fact guessing game. Among our new professional community members, we have a severe guinea pig allergy, a daily flosser, a Parisian at sixteen, a teacher who could swim before she could walk, and the star of a Velveta cheese commercial. As your student who is who!

Throughout the year we will come back to the theme, Better Together, and thank the whole MTS community for making us better!

Watch the video of the First Day of School All School Gather here


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