ATB Enrichment Classes
Fall, 2017



Fitness in Transit
Thursday 3:15-4pm
Grades K-2

Develop skills that go beyond cartwheels and backbends. Come join the fun of combining gymnastics with acro-balancing in this class. Gymnastics will build strength, tumbling skills, and a healthy sense of self-awareness. Acro-balancing will open a world of creative interaction between students. Seasoned instructors will also focus on improving flexibility, coordination, and general fitness in a non-competitive environment.

Beginning Voice

MTS–Michael Matson
Wednesday 3:15-4 or 4-4:45
Grades 4-8

Students will study breathing, vocal exercise, voice projection and
diction. Each class member will be assigned a solo to prepare, memorize
and perform for the group.



Marin Chess–Jeff Gordon
Wednesday 3:15-4pm
Grades K-8

Learning chess facilitates children’s cognitive development and helps them acquire many skills.  “Playing” chess provides children with opportunities to practice thinking, analyzing, planning, problem solving, decision-making, observing, concentrating, visualizing future possibilities and remembering and applying the lessons of past experiences to present circumstances.



MV Code
Monday, 3:15-4pm
Grades: 3-5

Do you love playing video games? Ever wanted to build your own? We’ll teach you to use block based language to build an exciting top down game where you can uncover hidden items, solve challenging puzzles, and battle your way through waves of enemy characters. Along the way, you’ll learn fundamental computer science concepts including loops, conditionals, boolean logic, message passing and variables, using an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. This course is taught by a team of experienced coders from a variety of backgrounds, and designed for newcomers with little to no previous coding experience. Let the games begin!


Coding for Middle School

MV Code
Thursday 3:15-4pm
Grades: 6-8

The Bay Area is home to the finest video game creators, web developers and animators in the U.S.—why not try your hand at becoming the next top coder? This middle school programming course is designed to introduce the basics of programming such as loops, functions, conditionals, and boolean logic through both JavaScript. The course is taught by a team of experienced coders from a variety of backgrounds, and designed for beginners with little to no previous coding experience. Secure your slot and learn the tools of the trade today!

Rainbow Chefs Logo-01 (no kids).jpg

Cooking–around the world

Rainbow Chefs
Monday 3:15-4
Grades: 2-5

Use your imagination, be creative, have fun and make art out of food. Turn any ordinary plate into an artistic masterpiece. Past recipes have included strawberry mice, banana caterpillars, lion king cages, butterfly-whiches, antipasti scooters and more.

Rainbow Chefs Logo-01 (no kids).jpg

Cooking–Amazing World of Edible Art

Rainbow Chefs
Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Grades K-1

Discover international cuisine in this tour around the world. Learn fun facts about each country and taste how unique ingredients dramatically change dishes country to country. You will learn about different countries and their cultures, foods, spices, special ingredients, famous country recipes and much more.


Monday (K-2) 3:15-4:00
Wednesday (3-5) 3:15-4:00
Thursday (6-8) 3:15-4:00

This uptempo and energetic class incorporates elements of jazz and pop dance - an exciting class for beginners and dancers with experience! Class begins with a center warm-up and moves into stretch and strengthening exercises. We then move into across the floor practice, culminating with a choreographed dance. For our younger dancers, class will also incorporate dance activities and games.

Flag Football.png

Flag Football

Jennifer Bennett
Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Grades 2-5

Flag football is a version of American football, but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team “tackles” a player by pulling their flag or flag belt. The object of the game is to score touchdowns by advancing the ball up the field by running or throwing the ball, and crossing the end zone line Student athletes will learn speed and agility drill, play in lead-up games, and play small side flat football games.

Glass Making.png

Glass Art

I Made It!
Tuesday (K-2) 3:15-4pm
Wednesday (3-5) 3:15-4pm

The kids will create a new and different project with colored glass every week, which are not only beautiful, but functional. After completion, we will bring your child’s creation back to our studio for firing and have their fused glass art back to them for the next class.  A few examples of the type of things they will be making are: bike bell, night light and silver box… all with glass. They will learn about the properties of glass and the chemistry involved with glass making, and experiment with different artistic styles such as cubism and impressionism.



Tuesday or Thursday 3:15-4pm
Grades K-8

TGA Premier Junior Golf offers golf programs for children in grades K-8th.  We use the game of golf as a conduit to develop your child's hand-eye coordination & improve motor skills.  TGA teaches golf while promoting life skills and education concepts such as math, English, science and history. Our Instructors provide a fun filled curriculum with instruction, drills, and fun games.  Every student gets personal attention & prizes.  TGA encourages students to follow the 5-Level Program to promote a lifelong passion for the game of golf.  


Impromptu Public Speaking

Deborah Marcom
Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm
Grades 6-8

This class is designed to help prepare students to gain the skill associated with impromptu public speaking in front of an audience, classroom or in a competitive speech tournament format.  Students will be given formulas to help organize a one to three minute impromptu speech on a variety of subjects with a three minute preparation time. This class will be especially helpful for those students who plan to compete in the annual Margie Burke Speech Tournament held in the spring at Ross School, but is also open to the students who are interested in acquiring this valuable communication tool.



Christine Yvette Collections
Tuesday 3:15-4pm
Grades K-8

Create customized, stylish jewelry ready for you and your friends to wear!  Become your own jewelry designer, where you can choose from a huge selection of hot colors, textures, and unique beads to make one-of-a kind pieces.  Our classes are designed not only to be fun, but to let you in on some of the most popular jewelry making techniques, such as wire work and beading. We use only the highest quality findings, fresh water pearls, and Czech glass beads to create one piece of new jewelry per class.  Our highly trained and fun instructors create a relaxed, encouraging environment all children will love.

Extreme Ping Pong

Extreme Ping Pong
Monday 3:15-4pm
Grades 3-8

Extreme Ping Pong is a Program that aims to introduce the sport of Table Tennis to young people in Primary and Secondary Schools through a progressive range of fun and innovative Table Tennis related lessons and activities. Table Tennis increases focus and is great for developing hand/eye coordination and is a Non-impact sport.

Second Grade.jpg

Multi-Media Art

Evy & Tyler
Monday or Thursday, 3:15-4:00
Grades K-5

In multi-media art class, children can design and build three-dimensional works of art using a variety of materials. We will incorporate wire, clay, wood, plexiglass, fabric, recycled materials and other media into our creations.



It’s Yoga Kids
Monday (4-8) 3:15-4pm
Wednesday (K-3) 3:15-4pm

It’s Yoga, Kids® classes are developed and modified age appropriately, and taught using a fun and dynamic system of practicing poses joined together by breath and flowing movement. While having fun, kids discipline themselves with body and mind awareness. Over time, these skills are applied in everyday life. For our younger students (K-3), in this class you will learn different Yoga poses that will develop self-expression, focus, flexibility and social skills in a fun, non-competitive class. For the older kiddos (4-8), you will learn to manage your moods, build confidence and trust.