Welcome to Mount Tamalpais School!

We are a community dedicated to cultivating knowledge, enjoying childhood, developing awareness, and putting ideas and learning into action. The indoor/outdoor nature of our campus, the ideal size of our student body, and the expertise of our teachers are hallmarks of Mount Tamalpais School. We believe in teachers teaching what they know best and have built our lower school around this concept through a departmentalized program. Across the grades, students and teachers engage in building academic prowess and cultivating lifelong learning. Our students confidently pursue big questions, take on challenges, explore passions, and work toward change.

MTS students are joyful, curious, and kind. While the pandemic has brought unprecedented change, our deep commitment to teaching, learning, and building community (whether in person or virtually for a time in 2020) has been an anchor for our students, families, and professional community. Being a part of a community where students are seen, known, cared for, and challenged is more important than ever in this rapidly changing world.

An essential component to prepare students for their future and fulfill the words of our mission is respecting and valuing diversity as a community strength. We actively engage in the work of raising culturally conscious students by applying a lens of equity and inclusion throughout the curriculum and MTS experience. This work, and the need for justice in our local and global community, extends to all of us at MTS. 

It brings me great joy to introduce prospective families to the school. I am here to guide you through the process and answer questions at any time, especially if there are any ways in which we can better accommodate your family or provide more information in getting to know MTS. Please use me as a resource and reach out anytime.

I am so looking forward to learning more about your family and what you hope for in an educational environment.


Amy Pearson

Director of Admissions & Marketing

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