Tuition & Affordability

Every year the Head of School, Business Office, and Board of Trustees work together to set the school’s tuition. Many factors go into this decision, and the overarching goal is to further the mission of the school. The Board is committed to creating a budget that allows MTS to retain and hire excellent faculty and staff, provide an unparalleled program for our students, and maintain the long-term financial strength of the school. 

Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $41,810 for Kindergarten-5th grade and $43,740 for 6th–8th grade.

MTS dedicates over 15% of the operating budget to maintain financial accessibility in our school. Over 20% of families receive financial assistance. We encourage families to apply for financial assistance if they feel affording the full tuition is out of reach.

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Joelle Dodge

Joelle Dodge

Director of Finance and Operations