Many of our students carpool or ride the bus to and from school each day. We have 3 different bus routes that serve families from San Francisco to San Rafael, and many places in between.

Our San Francisco bus leaves MTS at 3:30 pm and then returns to campus at 4:45 pm for the late bus route. Students who stay for after-school sports or enrichment classes can take the late bus, which operates Monday–Thursday. Limited transportation for Mill Valley families is also available via van service. 

Our transportation system has been impacted by COVID-19 and driver and bus shortages. We continue to offer bus routes to and from San Francisco, Northern Marin, Southern Marin, and Mill Valley with some limits to seat availability. View current bus schedules below. 


Students getting off the bus

Please note the bus routes change every year depending on ridership, and transportation has been impacted by COVID-19.