Application Process

We are honored to work with families that are interested in learning more about MTS and look forward to getting to know your family throughout the admission season. Families that are interested in learning more about MTS are an extension of our community. We strive to offer an inclusive, engaging, informative, and worthwhile experience as families explore MTS. All questions are welcome and if there are any ways in which we can better accommodate your family or provide more information in getting to MTS, please do not hesitate to be in touch with Amy Pearson ( or Tricia Garcia (

Applying to Mount Tamalpais School

Applications for Mount Tamalpais school are submitted through Ravenna, by creating a student profile and searching for ‘Mount Tamalpais School’.
Please note that searches for “Mt. Tamalpais School” will not show our school in the results.

Kindergarten @ MTS

Kindergarten is our main entry point and we welcome up to 28 new kindergarteners each year.

Children applying to enter kindergarten in 2024 must be 5 years old by September 1, 2024.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Application Steps

Grades 2-5 Application Steps

Lower School @ MTS

Space availability in 1st – 4th grades varies; please contact our Director of Admissions, Amy Pearson to discuss openings.

We typically add several new students in 5th grade and look forward to meeting our 5th grade applicants and their families.

Middle School @ MTS

Sixth grade is an important entry point at MTS, and we gladly welcome up to 7-12 new 6th graders each year.

Space availability in 7th grade varies; please contact our Director of Admissions Amy Pearson to discuss openings. We typically do not accept applications for 8th grade entry. 

Grades 6-8 Application Steps

Working With Ravenna

The bulk of your MTS application will be completed in Ravenna, our online application portal. If you have questions about working within your online application, please feel free to contact Ravenna Solutions ( To get started with Ravenna, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and create your account.
  2. Complete your Student Profile (student & family information, education history, etc).
  3. Under region, select "San Francisco Bay Area".
  4. In the "School Directory" search for "Mount Tamalpais School" and click "Apply"!

Decision Dates

Final admission decisions are posted through your Ravenna account starting at noon on March 14, 2024. Families have until 10:00 am on March 21, 2024 to accept or deny admission offers.

Applicants placed in the wait pool will be notified if a space opens after the initial decisions have been posted. Candidates who are not accepted are welcome to call the admission office to discuss the decision.