We envision a world where...

Education inspires action.


We get closer to our vision by creating
the conditions in which:

Learning is revered, and

education is joyful. 


Everything we do at Mount Tamalpais School is with open arms, hearts, and minds. To this end we: 

Lead with Kindness
Honor Childhood
Practice Active Inclusion
Celebrate the Journey
Ask, "What's Possible?"

About Our Community Values

Our values are the essence of our school and the code by which we live – the principles upon which we make our decisions. They are the heart and soul of MTS and do not tend to change over time. 

Everything we do at Mount Tamalpais School is with open arms, hearts, and minds. To this end, we:

Lead with Kindness

We keep an open mind and embrace our changing world with an open heart. In all the we do, in every way that we grow, we lead with kindness. 

Honor Childhood

Childhood is not a renewable resource; it is a brief and valuable time of limitless potential and essential development. It should not be rushed. Mount Tamalpais School students are well-prepared for their future while remaining young at heart. 

Practice Active Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Mount Tamalais School. It's not enough to simply accept everyone who joins our community. We practice active inclusion until it become instinctive. 

Celebrate the Journey

Because learning is so valued, we find joy and satisfaction in the pursuit of knowledge. We welcome the successes and challenges that come with being a student. 

Ask "What's Possible?"

We want our students to be prepared to solve the challenges of their changing world. We encourage them to dream big, push boundaries, and think outside the box, and we give them lots of opportunities to practice these skills and habits. 


Mount Tamalpais School is dedicated to nourishing and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school community in which each person can be their truest self, knowing all perspectives, identities, and voices are welcomed and valued. It is our responsibility to create a school community where all members can thrive and where students are encouraged to be engaged and growth-minded citizens. 


The five year strategic plan approved by the MTS Board of Trustees in 2022. 

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