The MTS Experience

The Mount Tamalpais School experience is one of joyful, engaged learning. 

Our kindergarten through eighth grade students spend much of their day smiling. They skip to class, light up when raising a hand, and ebulliently share ideas with a partner. MTS students are not just happy, but also engaged. Whether a first-grader exploring mass and balance in math class, a fourth-grader writing a poem inspired by Cleo Wade, or an eighth-grader extracting DNA with a lab partner, MTS students are focused and active in their learning.

The MTS family experience is similarly joyful and engaged. Parents and guardians are invited to campus to share stories and passions and to volunteer in numerous capacities. Throughout the year we gather in person as grade-levels and as a whole school – both on campus and off – for a wide range of events, forming family friendships that last for decades.

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