Head of School Welcome

I am thrilled to welcome you to Mount Tamalpais School. We are a school that lives our mission – the development of knowledge and goodness within children in an academically inspiring and nurturing environment. 

We are focusing this year on ensuring every Mount Tamalpais School community member feels welcome, not just invited, at our school. I hope you experience this warmth of welcoming as you get to know MTS.

As both Head of School and parent to a first and third grader, I am struck by four things that make Mount Tamalpais School exceptional:

1.    Teachers who teach what they love. MTS is one of few schools that is departmentalized throughout grades K-8, allowing a passionate historian to teach history and a math-lover to teach math. The result is the development of students who are excited about what they are learning and well-prepared for their next steps as evident in our high school placement success.

2.    A phenomenal commitment to the artistic and athletic development of each child. The athlete delivers lines on the stage with gusto, the artist jumps higher than she thought possible on the basketball court, and every child discovers new talents and passions.

3.    Partnership with families to raise good children. Our focus on the development of the whole child extends far beyond our robust social-emotional learning curricula. Day in and day out, we remain focused on the values of kindness, integrity, respect, and self-reliance. We also care about please and thank you. The result is students who are mature, yet still children. This is so important for me as a parent.

4.    A commitment to equity and inclusion. We are dedicated to the ongoing, institutional work essential to a diverse, inclusive environment where all voices are heard and valued. Excellence in education in 2021 is grounded in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. Each day we do the work to realize this calling.

I encourage you to get to know Mount Tamalpais School and see our beautiful campus. You will discover the magic of scientists teaching science, the beauty of students who wear uniforms and call teachers by their first names, and the respectful confidence of an eighth-grade student who embodies knowledge and goodness.

I look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful community!

Andrew P. Davis

Head of School

Andrew Davis

Head of School

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