As a result of a comprehensive strategic planning process and facilities review in 2022, Mount Tamalpais School is moving forward with a modest expansion of current enrollment and physical spaces on campus. 

Our overall student enrollment increase is going to allow us to “right-size” our lower school classes with two groups of approximately 14 students that allow for outstanding learning and social dynamics. These class sizes make it possible for us to realize our strategic goals while also setting the school up for long-term financial sustainability.

As enrollment grows, we are updating our facilities to reflect the needs of our school program. Today, many of our spaces are being used for multiple different purposes, and our spaces are utilized nearly 100% of every day. This means our schedule is driving the program, rather than our program driving the schedule. Our robust, departmentalized program - a hallmark of MTS -  needs more classroom spaces that are optimized for the subjects and the students they teach. 

Phase one of construction includes an inviting and single point of entry, with new offices and two new classrooms in renovated spaces.

Expansion FAQ's