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Mount Tamalpais School values being both a diverse and inclusive community. Our work starts with ensuring that all members of our community – students, faculty, staff, and families – feel a strong sense of belonging, while also recognizing and celebrating our individuality. Family structure, physical abilities, gender, race, ethnicity, professional backgrounds, geography, sexuality, and religious and socio-economic backgrounds are some of the many avenues through which we honor the diversity within our community. At MTS we work to raise culturally conscious students by applying a lens of equity and inclusion to our curriculum, emphasizing the need for justice in our local and global community.

Diversity Vision Statement

Mount Tamalpais School is dedicated to nourishing and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school community in which each person can be their truest self, knowing all perspectives, identities, and voices are welcomed and valued. It is our responsibility to create a school community where all members can thrive and where students are encouraged to be engaged and growth-minded citizens.

Our faculty and staff regularly engage in ongoing professional development to foster our dialogue and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the leadership of our Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Committee, we engage in community learning sessions with Courageous Conversations, Blink Consulting: Critically Rethinking Diversity, and participating in monthly SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) sessions with colleagues in local schools. In addition, an annual cohort of faculty and leadership team members attends the NAIS People of Color in Conference. The Community Leadership Group, a steering committee of board, faculty, administration, and parents works to advance program and policy goals for the school’s continued growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We invite all community members, young and old, to share the story of who they are and what shapes them. In MTS classrooms this welcoming of all individuals starts with Morning Meeting (K-5th) and Advisory (6th-8th) first thing in the morning and continues throughout the day. Our commitment to know, see, and hear every student, every day, is the bedrock of how we approach the learning process at MTS. By investigating students’ own identities we aim to create a safe space where everyone can be themselves and feel like a valued and respected member of the community. By focusing on both celebrating differences and recognizing similarities, we strive for students to adopt a lens of inclusivity in their daily lives as they explore their own identities and become increasingly aware of diverse perspectives. 

Our hope is for our younger learners to deeply understand and analyze the power of action, and recognize that their voice can promote social, political, and communal change. Throughout the year, each grade level leads the school in a social justice initiative for the local community, such as fundraising for a specific cause, organizing a food or supply drive, or partnering with a senior center.

Ultimately, students are encouraged to appreciate the values of respect, kindness, and empathy and integrate them into their daily lives, and to comprehend the importance of working together to help individuals and communities grow stronger. 

Quincy Davis

Director of Equity & Inclusion


Photo of Barbara Guarriello, Diversity and Inclusivity Chair

Barbara Guarriello

Diversity & Inclusivity Chair


Conversations at MTS

MTS Internal Leadership Groups on Diversity & Inclusion

"Working with MTS on DEI initiatives has at times been challenging, but it has also been empowering, healing, and very positive. MTS is not afraid to examine itself, try something new, and put every effort into encouraging staff, students, and families to show up every day as their most authentic selves, no matter their skin color, family background, faith, nationality, or the many other ways that make a community beautifully diverse." 

– Ann Le, Parent of a 2nd Grader